Property Management


Our components for success

  • Undivided attention — management is our only business

  • Communication, cooperation and coordination

  • Timely collections on all amounts due

  • Proper lease administration

  • Expense controls

  • Maintaining tenant relations

  • Effective property maintenance

  • Planning property improvements

  • Accurate accounting and reporting — we offer a full range of monthly and annual financial statements with the ability to produce special reports as necessary

  • Ensuring aesthetically pleasing property appearance and much, much more!


Fiscal and Administrative tasks

  • Securing and qualifying desirable residents

  • Establishing resident policies and regulations through responding to resident complaints, problems and requests

  • Coordinating maintenance/repair functions when needed, as well as contracting special services, to ensure the best possible rates

  • Collecting rents and security deposits in a timely manner and paying mortgage, association fee, insurance or other property-related expenses as may be directed

  • Conducting frequent exterior property inspections to ensure that building and grounds maintenance are properly performed as well as maintaining current and correct inventory records of appliances, tools, and equipment belonging to the property

  • Providing income and expense statements showing current period and year-to-date income and expense figures

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Marketing Strategy

  • The marketing of rental property includes formulating an appropriate plan based on the requirements of the owner, assessing area "comparables" and then developing and designing the marketing and advertising program for the property.

  • Advertising can include a listing on our web site, local newspaper advertising, property signage and community outreach.


Association Management

Working closely with and under direction of your Board of Directors, At Your Service adapts its services to meet the needs of your community. Your choice of management companies should be based on experience, knowledge, quality of services, and reputation.

Under the Board’s direction we will Manage the association within budget

Supervise all personnel or contracted firms necessary to maintain operations

Manage the association within budget

Keep residents/owners satisfied and informed

Effectively govern the community

Immediately respond to emergency situations

Collect assessments for the Association

Send late notices and initiate filing of liens and collection of past-due assessments

Process and disburse funds for invoices, approved charges and service contracts

Maintain association records available for inspection by members

Maintain updated roster of owners

Send “Notices for Non-Compliance” as required

Conduct on-site inspections

Attend meetings of Board and Membership


“Home Watch”

Owner must maintain sufficient funds in an operating trust account with At Your Service to cover the cost of management, as well as charges for utilities or other contract services. The owner receives a monthly statement.


  • Visits weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  • Supervision of contract services (e.g. lawn, snow removal, hot tub, etc.)

  • Payment of bills for utilities, telephone, lawn care, snow removal, hot tub and other services that may be required.


Fees for “Home Watch” services are calculated according to the number of visits, the number of services performed and the distance to the home from our offices.

Please contact us today if you are interested in this service. 406.862.5566


Concierge and Additional Services


Additional services

  • Comprehensive Home Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Grocery Shopping/Delivery

  • Chimney Maintenance

  • Firewood

  • House Cleaning

  • Window Washing

  • Propane Delivery

  • Holiday Decorating

  • Water Plants

  • Accept UPS and Fed-Ex packages and place in home

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Snow Removal

  • Roof Shoveling

  • Local Mail Forwarding

  • Alarm Response Contact

  • Project/Construction Supervision

  • Bill Payment Services

  • Tree Trimming

  • Sprinkler Maintenance

General Domestic Cleaning

We understand that first impressions last, whether it is a visitor to your own home or a holiday maker to your holiday home, their first impression will affect the remainder of their stay. This is why we believe that their first impression should be of a well kept home and not a building which is obviously vacant for a large portion of the year. Our domestic cleaning service includes vacuum cleaning and sweeping of all interior floors and stairways. Dusting and cleaning of all table and furniture surfaces. Washing and disinfecting all baths, toilets wash hand basins and other sanitary ware. Washing and disinfecting kitchen sink and all kitchen surfaces. Washing and ironing/pressing of all linen and towels ready for use. Sweeping and cleaning of patio and driveway.

Window Cleaning

A dirty and dusty window can throw a shadow of neglect across any home. In order for your visitor to have a clear view and a good impression of their new home it is important that the windows through which they will view their new world be clean. Our domestic window cleaning service includes the thorough cleaning both inside and out of all window glass and frames, including window sills and shutters if present.


In addition to a clean and tidy home for you or your visitor, it is also essential that all linens and towels be as clean and fresh as would be presented to a visitor in our own home. Our laundry service includes the removal of towels and linen from your house/apartment for washing and ironing or pressing, and returning to your property neatly folded ready for use.



Pre-Rental/Visitor Preparation

In addition to a clean and tidy home for you or your visitor there are a number of preparations necessary if their welcome is to be just right. Beds need to be made up, rooms need to be aired and inventory needs to be checked. Our pre rental/visitor preparation service includes for all these things providing any replacement items necessary to ensure that you or your guest have everything they require to enjoy their stay.

Welcome Packs

For that extra little welcome, and to ensure that your visitor has the comfort of a welcomed cup of tea or coffee after a late night arduous trip—a welcome pack containing all the basic necessities is just the thing to start the holiday right. We have three Welcome Packs to choose from, and if that is not enough just email your shopping list to us and we will ensure it is stacked in your fridge on arrival.

  • Our Basic Welcome Pack includes water, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, and fruit juice.

  • Our Standard Welcome Pack includes, in addition to the above, bread, butter, and cheese.

  • Our Deluxe Welcome Pack, in addition to all of the above also includes additional bread, a variety of cheeses and ham, local beers, Red & White wine and flowers on arrival.

  • And for that Extra Special Occasion Champagne can be added to the list.

Post Rental Inspections

To ensure that your home is in good condition when your guests leave a Post Inspection routine should be established.  This will ensure that any unnecessary breakages are paid for by the guest and not by you prior to the arrival of the next guest. Our Post Rental Inspection service includes the thorough inspection of the entire home, including windows and doors for damage, cataloging of delph and cutlery, bed linens and towels and any other unnecessary damage or breakages. Such damage or breakages will be notified to you immediately.



A well kept garden is a joy to behold. In order to maintain its well kept appearance it is necessary to water all your plants and remove unwanted weeds regularly.  Our Gardening service includes the watering and weeding as necessary on a regular basis of all planted areas of your property. In addition to general maintenance At Your Service also provides a complete landscaping service. 

Repairs and Maintenance

No matter how careful you or your visitors are, there will always be from time to time a need for maintenance and repairs. Windows can be broken, door and hinges can break. At Your Service can provide a complete damage assessment and repair service second to none.  Once called, we will be on site within hours. All damage will be accurately assessed and you notified of the costs. In addition any necessary emergency measures will be taken in order to minimize any further damage being caused to your property.